Beinf Free of Tinnitus

with Hypnotherapy

David Melling Liverpool Hypnotherapy, using Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy can help with Tinnitus. In one study 73% of individuals taking part in a study on the efficacy of hypnosis in Tinnitus reduction

When you have tinnitus or any illness, there are emotional issues of feelings attached to the illness within the neurology of the person. Unconsciously they are "state dependent memories." The memories are so powerful due to the emotional attachment to them. With Tinnitus, emotions can be from anger, anxiety, hurt, distress to depression and more.

Our job is to release the emotional charge from the associations so that the person has a better opportunity for healing. Once released, we can help your unconscious mind to focus on other sources than the noise, while developing alternative resources and behaviours.

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