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David Melling at Liverpoool Hypnotherapy are more than happy to work alongside medical practitioners in facilitating your healing. Your unconscious mind maintains your body and runs your health.For example, when you cut yourself, you do not consciously heal yourself. By using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy we can utilise your unconscious mind to increase your healing rate. Joseph recently worked with a close family member whom had an aneurysm in his lower back. This is Toms Testimonial:

Dear Joseph
I would like to know how much I have benefited from you given me over this past year. The following is an account of the circumstance so others can benefit:

On August 9th 2004 I was given the devastating news that I had an aortic aneurysm in my back of 6cm in diameter with the possibility of death between 6months 2yrs.

Joseph offered to help. I spent the breakthrough session with him and carried out his tasks.

From no hope to a positive stance my consultant decided (after initially rejecting it), that it was safe to operate. This was due to my body dramatically becoming healthier. I was successfully operated on 6th June 2005. On 19th July 2005, I was given the all clear; this was an incredibly speedy recovery.

I attribute this success to the skill of the surgeon and above all the time given to me by Joseph in realigning my body and mind to health, his help was invaluable. So in conclusion I have no hesitation in recommending Joseph to all who may need similar help. Once again thank you Joseph

Yours sincerely
T.V. Frank Cambridge

Please contact us for help with Pre-operations.

Please contact us for help with Preparing for operations.
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