David Melling at Liverpool Hypnotherapy, using advanced levels of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy are able to assist you in completely removing paranoia. To provide your unconscious mind with the clarity and resources you need.

An individual suffering from paranoia feels suspicious, and has a sense that other people want to do him or her harm. As a result, the paranoid individual changes his or her actions in response to a world that is perceived as personally threatening. Objective observers may be quite clear on the fact that no one's words or actions are actually threatening the paranoid individual. The hallmark of paranoia is a feeling of intense distrust and suspiciousness that is not in response to input from anybody or anything in the paranoid individual's environment. Here at Liverpool Hypnotherapy we have extreme sympathy for those who feel paranoid in any way, and are dedicated to helping them change quickly in the most comfortable way.

Other symptoms of paranoia may include:

Self-referential thinking: The sense that other people in the world (even complete strangers on the street) are always talking about the paranoid individual.
Thought broadcasting: The sense that other people can read the paranoid individual's mind.
Magical thinking: The sense that the paranoid individual can use his or her thoughts to influence other people's thoughts and actions.
Thought withdrawal: The sense that people are stealing the paranoid individual's thoughts.
Thought insertion: The sense that people are putting thoughts into the paranoid individual's mind.
Ideas of reference: The sense that the television and/or radio are specifically addressing the paranoid individual.

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