Panic Attacks (Anxiety Attacks)

with Liverpool Hypnotherapy

>Here at Liverpool Hypnotherapy we feel that Panic Attacks people suffer always have a purpose, an unconscious intention behind the behavior. However the emotion attached to the purpose is so extreme that it can cause anxiety, fainting, blackouts, blushing, profuse sweating and trembling. It may result in nausea, difficulty talking, an overall feeling of dread, stomach discomfort or irregular heartbeat. It can also isolate people from loved ones and business associates.

The visible symptoms of distress heighten the fear of disapproval, and the symptoms themselves can become an additional focus of fear. This creates a vicious cycle: the more the sufferer worries about displaying the symptoms, the greater the chance of developing them.

Combining empathy and their skills in Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguist Programming) and Time Line Therapy™, Joseph and at Liverpool Hypnotherapy can help you have the life you choose by letting go of the unwarranted emotion, triggers and instead develop confidence, confidence, calmness, resourcefulness and self belief.

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