~ "I just wish I wasn't so jealous it's ruining my relationship and my life"

"After one session I can honestly say my life is totally different. My outlook, my attitude, my overall persona is now much more relaxed and at peace. I sleep better, I'm in control of my emotions. I no longer let negative thoughts control how I feel. Steve P - Ely

David Melling at Liverpool Hypnotherapy can help you overcome jealousy. We know that jealousy is a form of protection mechanism, unfortunately the behaviour can cause more problems than good. We are able to resolve the inner conflict and learn new appropriate behaviours and thoughts, so that you can have the perfect trusting healthy relationships now and in the future.

Jealousy can develop from many factors for example:

  • Limiting believes about self
  • Events and trauma in our past relationships
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor self image

Please contact us for help with letting go of Jealousy.

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