Breaking the Habit or having the choice to change

Why on earth do we bite our nails?
and only be aware of it when we don't? We simply don't realise when we do it, do we?

~ why?

because it's just an unconsious habit.

We may do it out of excitement, because of boredom and usually at times of stress and that's why our hypnosis and NLP really works to stop you doing this. We get your unconsiouss mind to stop it.

This applies to those other annoying habbits such as thumb-sucking, nose-picking, hair-twisting or pulling, tooth-grinding, and picking at skin.

Imagine having stopped. Dealing with excitement, boredom and stress in a way that creates in you something that you like and enjoy because you can with our help.

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Unwanted habits such as nail biting, thumb sucking, bedwetting, snacking and that old chestnut of smoking can be overcome comfortably.

What we can do:

Simply breaking a pattern that requires an unconscious choice will enable you to achieve your desired outcome, what you really want, maybe you have a habit with a deeper cause or belief (I wonder who's?) that can be released with comfort and ease, without fuss or fear.

We don't believe you have to face your fear but we do believe you can achieve what you desire quickly, easily and effortlessly. What you DREAM you can CREATE and EXCEL