Chronic Pain Management

David Melling at Liverpool Hypnotherapy are able relieve the symptoms to a minimal or if psychological relieve completely. You will learn skills in the session that are encouraged to be used whenever you need them. Many clients quickly harness their unconscious minds power to gain relieve pain straight away.

One of the problems with chronic pain management is that the brain habituates to pain-killing drugs, so your body gets use/immune to the drug, which then requires higher and higher doses. Hypnosis works in a different way, causing the brain to stop responding to pain signals.

The management of chronic pain can be helped greatly by Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy (tm). Psychological approaches such as hypnosis to pain relief have been well documented over the years. In fact Joseph and Kerry have had clients referred from Medical Practitioners in gaining help with their pain.

Clinical Hypnotist Dr Milton Erickson who practiced Hypnosis for 60 years used his own skills in hypnosis for chronic pain which he suffered from Polio over his lifetime.

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