Stop Blushing ~ and be the way you want to be

with Liverpool Hypnotherapy

"I feel embarrassed, hot, my face and neck go red, I begin to sweat.................Oh No!"
and there's probably a lot more 'stuff' going on to make you feel anxious and stressed.

If you could go into any situation feeling calm, relaxed or however you would want to feel, and that was something that we could do for you, would that be something you would like?

So you think you canít stop blushing?

Have you ever worried about NOT doing something? Chances are that you still did it, right? You can even go ahead now and try it out.... Whatever you do, try not to think about a bright pink car, driving along an orange road.......with Mickey Mouse at the wheel..... whatever you do, donít do it...... I hope youíre not thinking about it yet!

Well, thatís the same with blushing. I bet you know somebody who ends up worrying so much about NOT blushing, that they are automatically find themselves blushing without even knowing! (That person wouldnít be you, would it?)

Ultimately, facial blushing is a completely normal, healthy, physiological response. For some people, however, if their blushing is excessive it can create feelings of anxiety which in turn makes them blush even more, fuelling the anxiety again and continuing in a vicious cycle! Sometimes the blushing is created by certain events, such as speaking in front of groups of others, or when put 'on the spot'. Sometimes a person will often blush even with just their immediate family or close friends.

Just imagine what it would feel like to be able to speak to strangers in a bar feeling calm and confident, or to give that presentation at work feeling so confident that you enjoy it! Well, we can help you to let go of your blushing using Hypnosis, NLP, and TimeLine Therapy.

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Paul, Joseph and Luke at Liverpool Hypnotherapy have had first hand experience with blushing. Joseph since his childhood had always been limited by his blushing, he would struggle to be in control of his blushing in front of people which caused many limitations in his teens. He seeked help through his father who practices Hypnosis and within a few sessions all blushing dissolved. Both Paul and Joseph teach NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy in front of students of up to 60 people, where just the thought would of made them feel hot and flushed.

We can begin to re-teach your body to stay in control, feel confident and release all anxieties around blushing, so that you feel calm, cool and collective inside.

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